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After studying Biology at Manchester University, Paul Connolly found his way into the computer industry, spending many years working as a technical author. He then became a market analyst, writing international business reports. All the while, the creative writer was patiently waiting his turn.

Music has always been a passion. Paul’s first memory is hearing Help! by The Beatles at the age of five. He consumed vinyl from the age of ten and became a regular concert-goer in his teens. Much later, mid-way through his fifth decade, he was introduced to the world of a cappella choral and quartet singing when he joined The Royal Harmonics, based in Windsor. And that was the cue for the creative writer to come in from the wings.

Paul’s debut novel, The Fifth Voice (2014), is a poignant and comic story of how the dysfunctional lives of four singers are transformed by the inspirational power of music and friendship. It received glowing reviews, reached the top 10 on Amazon’s literary fiction (humour) best sellers list, and was shortlisted for Independent Book of the Year by Writing Magazine in 2015. David Nobbs (RIP), celebrated television comedy writer and best-selling author of the Reginald Perrin novels and many more, called The Fifth Voice “A funny, touching and charming tale”, while Deke Sharon, the godfather of modern a cappella singing, called it “A charming story, full of memorable characters… a cappella as a metaphor for life!”

Published in May 2019, The Enduring Influence of Ken Potts  is the much-anticipated sequel to The Fifth Voice,  Tim Brooke-Taylor said "Compelling characters painted with extraordinary skill. Thoroughly recommended." Mike Roberts, creator of The Mike Flowers Pops, said "The romance of amateur music-making meets the fickle glamour of Hollywood in a funny and truly endearing story. A brilliant follow-up to The Fifth Voice."

Published in January 2020, My Humble Observatory is a collection of poems that celebrate Lundy Island. Paul has been a regular visitor to the island over many years, and the poems in this collection embrace the landscape, weather, wildlife, buildings, people, personal experiences, and the island’s intangible magic.

Paul lives in Berkshire and escapes to Lundy to write as often as possible. He was born and grew up in Liverpool, is a life-long Everton fan, and has a grown-up daughter.

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