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Published by Silverwood Books

ISBN: 978-1-78132-867-5

When four singers discover a curious vocal technique called The Fifth Voice, they reveal a prize that changes their lives. But the death of Ken, their inspirational coach and mentor, leaves them grief-stricken and uncertain about the future.

Vince, Danny, Henry and Neil dream of becoming a championship-winning quartet, but can they achieve anything without Ken? Besides, Vince’s health is fragile, Danny has a new baby and a wife who’s not coping, Henry has a new love, and Neil could be about to make it in the movie business.

They’re on the verge of abandoning the dream. Until one day Neil receives a letter from Ken, and everything changes.

They reunite in their desire to answer two very big questions. Can they realise the full power of The Fifth Voice? And is Ken still controlling their destiny?

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